Meeting and Event Staging Services

Full-Service Audio, Video & Lighting Services for Successful
Meetings & Events

It’s 30 seconds to show time and your event is about to go live. As the lights go down and the sound track rises to fill the room in perfect sync with the pristine video, you sit back for a moment and smile to yourself as the audience begins to applaud…

Your Trusted Event Partner

Since 1996, AVA Productions has developed a reputation for delivering engaging audience experiences with exacting precision. That’s why some of the industry’s top producers, meeting planners and technical directors trust AVA Productions to create extraordinary events year-after-year. No matter the size or scope of the event, AVA Productions can help you communicate your story with clarity and project the image you want.

The Best Team in the AV Business

There’s no better teacher in the AV business than experience. With over 21 years in the audio visual staging industry, AVA Productions has developed a specialized team of technicians, operators and technical directors that make it all happen. AVA Productions’ positive, client-centered atmosphere attracts the best and brightest people, who in turn want to perform their best for you.

Cutting-Edge Technology

AVA Productions is continually updating its inventory with the latest audio, video and lighting equipment to put the WOW factor into your event. Team members stay up-to-date on the latest technology innovations and how to utilize them to offer the best ever meetings, events and experiences for your audiences.

Equipment Transportation Across North America

AVA Productions owns, operates and maintains its inventory of AV equipment from a modern warehouse facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. Using their own fleet of over-the-road trucks, AVA Productions is able to pack, transport and unload equipment at venues all across North America. When the equipment returns, each piece of gear is carefully inspected for proper operation and repacked in their sturdy shipping cases ready for the next show.

Direct Accountability

Each event is assigned a dedicated, single point of contact who acts as the interface with the client, venue and crew throughout the production. The single point of contact takes on full responsibility for the success of an event with on-site execution, answering questions and delivering technical assistance at a moment’s notice.

Turnkey AV Services to Meet Your Needs Nationwide

Have a concept in mind for an event or corporate meeting? AVA Productions can help you bring it to life with staging services customized to suit a wide range of audiences, budgets and scale. AVA Productions understands that each event requires careful planning, preparation and execution to convey your messages in the most compelling way. Whether it’s a major product rollout in a convention center or smaller shareholder meeting in a hotel, AVA Productions is with you every step of the way to ensure the success of the event. Audio, video and lighting services include:

  • State-of-the-art audio, video projection and lighting equipment
  • Set-up and removal of equipment
  • Experienced technical crews to operate and maintain systems
  • Site visit and pre-planning
  • Set and lighting design
  • Logistics management
  • Creative content support
  • Direct accountability


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