Audio Services

High Quality Audio Services to Have Your Messages Heard

High quality audio is an important component to having your messages heard clearly by your audience. AVA Productions experienced team of sound engineers utilizes the latest innovations in sound equipment and technology to custom design a solution that makes the venue come alive with warm, rich sound.

EAW Line Array Audio Systems

Line Array Audio Systems for Optimum Sound Projection

Line array audio systems from EAW and DB Technologies have revolutionized sound amplification. Line arrays systems installed vertically and controlled by AVA Productions’ audio technicians direct sound more effectively than conventional speaker systems. Line array systems can be programmed to maintain a constant sound level as you move away from the stage. This allows the audience to become immersed in sound at the same time and avoid the time delay as sound travels to the back of the room. Depending on the facility and show application, line arrays can be rigged (flown) from the ceiling or ground-supported.

Digital Consoles to Produce the Perfect Sound Mix

Audio Console

Live sound mixing is the art of combining and processing a number of audio inputs connected to a central console to create the optimum mix heard by your audience. The sound engineers at AVA Productions utilize state-of-the-art digital mixing consoles from Digico and Yamaha to create unprecedented sound capabilities. A single, lightweight digital console can process many inputs simultaneously without the bulk and complexity of external processing equipment. Digital consoles open up a whole new world of options because it is software driven and interfaces with just about anything.

Premier Wireless Microphone Technology

AVA Productions incorporates world renowned Shure UHF-R Wireless Systems into all events for delivering uncompromising sound quality. Shure wireless technology provides exceptional performance even in the most elaborate productions.

Solutions for All of Your Audio Needs

When your reputation is on the line, why take chances using an inadequate, “house sound system” installed at a facility? From large events to smaller meetings, AVA Productions state-of-the-art audio equipment and experienced technicians make the most difficult spaces sound amazing.

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