Highly Qualified and Skilled Technicians for Creating Unforgettable Events

With over 20+ years of staging experience, AVA Productions’ seasoned staff of technicians, project managers and freelancers has the know-how to plan, manage and execute spectacular events using the latest technologies. AVA Productions hires only the best people who love what they do. The result is a smooth-running team with a positive, can-do attitude who performs at the top of their game for you.

No matter the location or scope of the show, AVA Productions draws from an extensive pool of the most talented freelance technicians in the country. In fact, candidates must be referred from trusted sources before being interviewed for a position. Individuals must have technical expertise, hands-on event experience and be able to present themselves professionally in a business environment.

Assisting Event Producers Bring Their Ideas to Life

AVA understands that the planning, production and successful execution of a large-venue, corporate event contains a million details. That’s why we work closely with event producers as a team to bring their creative ideas to life.

Producer credit: John Sander, PH Productions. Opening Pilobolus Dance Company performance at a corporate event.

Take Your Show to the Highest Level

AVA Productions takes pride in delivering a customer-first approach that result in high levels of customer satisfaction. Many first-time engagements lead to loyal, long-lasting clients who count on AVA Productions to produce top-notch events nationwide. Let AVA Productions team of experienced technicians take your show to the highest level.

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